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European Business College FUMI Intellect is open in 1990, initially in commercial law, and in 1993 is the first accredited professional business college after high school with the orders of the Minister of Education and Science, published in the Journal of State: (MES RD 14-3/1993 on SG 6 / 1993 onwards; RD -14-216/2002 on SG 98 / 2002., RD 14-50/2005 laying on SG 49/2005)


We invite you to study in the one of the most beautiful country
in the world.
Let us show you what paradise Bulgaria is!

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Quality of education

About 15 annual purposeful educational and research have been developed over 90 training courses, have written over 60 textbooks and educational materials in more than 200 publications.
The training is carried out by European standards for post-secondary vocational education, which include:

(1) module training;
(2) training officer;
(3) test systems for testing;
(4) points system for assessing the results;
(5) dominant practical educational content;
(6) strong language training (25% of teaching time);
(7) higher computer literacy (10% of teaching time);
(8) high culture of communication;
(9) entrepreneurial culture;
(10) learn how to learn throughout life;